• About ZALMAT

    Founded in 1976 after many years of experience , the ZALMAT Office for Accounting, Auditing and Tax Consulting services was established by Mr. Arebi Zalmat in Tripoli – Libya in order to provide excellent financial services along with an assured quality and reliability for each customer, whether you are a local or foreign based company operating in Libya our team is equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience to financially assist you in whichever field you are in such as oil, industrial, service based or any other commercial activities.

  • Accountants Association

    Mr. Arebi Zalmat was one of the most important founders of the Accountants Association in Libya which contributed significantly in developing & organizing the accounting procedures at that time. He was also made the chair for several consecutive years.

  • Development

    Due to the continues development of the economic arena in all the countries of the world and the impact of the international agreements on the Libyan market as well as the amendment and change in laws and internal regulations in Libya starting from labor laws and Tax laws in the end.

  • Professional Skills

    Zalmat office has intended to develop the professional skills and its affiliated services to live up to the level of the surrounding variables by using the latest technological techniques to handle all these local and international variables in order to provide the best services in both of accounting, auditing or any relative services to achieve the best results for our clients.

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  • BS Certificate from Tripoli University.
  • AMTC Certificate no. (0123).
  • American Institution for Professional Accountant in 2010.
  • Registered Auditor License no. (1538) form Libyan Audit Association.
  • Registered Accountant License no. (311) form Arabic Accountants & Auditors Association.
  • Member no. (45) in Auditors Registration in Insurance Authority.
  • Member no. (168) in Libyan Central Bank.


Data Security

we use state of the high security to ensure your data is proceed .

Small Biz Focused

We’ve worked exclusively with fast growth small businesses for ever 10 years.

Personalized Service

Our team of accountants and tax professionals actually pick up the phone when you call.