The essential task of the accountant is to find out of the result of the company activity weather was gain or loss, as well as the financial position for the project in the issued date of balance sheet.

To reach these goals the accounting phase of our office is going through the following steps: –

  • Providing the legal general ledger and approved by the government authorities.
  • Designing the appropriate internal documents in the line with the nature of activity
  • Designing full accounting cycle to ease workflow and accuracy of data processing.
  • Data processing and preparing the necessary journal entry in accordance with the applicable accounting method, whether manual or automatic.
  • Posting of general ledger and working on data entry for automatic system.
  • Issuing financial statements (weekly- monthly- annually) according to the management’s requirements.
  • Verifying of the accuracy of the internal control on financial management.
  • Issuing the balance sheet, financial statements with analyses.


The main objective of the auditing process is giving the neutral technical opinion in the sincerity and fairness of the financial statements or the balance sheet with its attachments which prepared in accordance with general accepted accounting principles as well as finding out the essential mistakes if any.

The auditing process prepares during the financial year by a group of the following steps: –

  • Preparing an auditing program for companies & institutions.
  • Committing by the Libyan auditing standards.
  • Preparing the reports of the results of auditing process and submitted to the authorized employee in the companies.
  • Evaluating of the work of financial management’s work of the company.
  • Applying the most of types of auditing according to the work needs.

Tax Planning

Determine Tax Status

  • Determining of each company position in terms of providing the tax returns for each legal person in the Light of the provisions of applicable laws.
  • Determining the status of the tax assessment of the company in accordance with the applicable laws included identifying the value of the expected tax liabilities and the delay penalty if any.
  • Studying of salaries tax calculation which monthly deducted from the employees of the company according to the tax law. Also determine the status of tax examination, tax settlement and the value of the expected tax liabilities with the delay penalty if any.
  • Determining the differences between the company and the tax authority in every type of taxes are company subjected and the tax of the legal persons / salaries tax/stamp duty and other taxes.

Tax Planning Stage

  • Identifying the weaknesses in the applicable tax system for each company and suggest a group of solutions to avoid the effects and obligations in future.
  • Identifying the tax services that every company might need based on the tax examination and the final tax assessment that determined for each type of taxes in the previous stage.
  • Studying the interrelationships between the companies of the group both in terms of the ownership structure or the usual processes to put a general prospective about the benefit method for all the companies of the group in avoiding additional taxes in the light of the provisions of the relevant tax laws.
  • Studying the activities of the subsidiaries and operating companies outside Libya or in the free zones and determine the extent of the possibility of benefit from these companies in avoiding any extra taxes in the light of the provisions of the relevant tax laws.

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Feasibility Study

Analysis and evaluation of proposed projects.

Tax Services

  • Reviewing the distribution of the gross monthly salary terms for each employee based on the different merits items to avoid any extra tax under the provisions of the laws referred to above.
  • Reviewing the form of the annual tax settlement on the salaries for a random group of employees and determine the due annual tax based on the annual payroll after the paid deduction during the year.
  • Reviewing of tax analysis forms that were prepared by competent administration of the company to facilitate the task of the examiner.
  • Representing the company in front of all of the Magistrates Committee, Primary Committee and Appeal Committee in the case of objection and lack of agreement on the result of final tax assessment.
  • Providing tax payment certificates.
  • Attending the final tax assessment on behalf of the company and clarifying the company’s point of view in order to achieve the best possible results in the light of tax law requirements along with the benefit of the company.
  • Following up the company’s climes and submitting the objections and appeals in the legal time.
  • Reviewing the settlement with balance sheets to make sure from their compatibility and lack of difference.
  • Preparing detailed memorandum for the company clarifying the latest developments of the tax status of each stage mentioned above.
  • Reviewing monthly payroll in accordance with the deductions and the merits that company’s employees have.
Stamp Duty
  • Complete all registration procedures of contracts in Tax Department.
  • Complete all registration procedures of Invoices in Tax Department.
  • Complete Tax payment process.
Transverse Tax

This tax subject on person & companies not registered and non-resident in Libya.

ZALMAT provides the following:

  • Providing Tax estimated calculation for the customer according to the Tax Libyan Law.
  • Complete all registration procedures related to Transverse Tax in Tax Department.
  • Complete Tax payment process.
Tax Return

Preparing individual or business tax returns for submission to the IRS.

Salary Tax

Being able to distinguish between earned income and gross income is an important tool in preparing for and filing employee individual tax returns

Social Security Services

  • Providing payment tax of social security.
  • Registration of the companies at the social security authority.
  • Attending on behalf of the companies and following up all their appeal claims in front of Magistrates committee.
  • Complete all the final tax assessment procedures.
  • Social Security Consulting.


Our need to continue keeping a close eye on costs and carefully manage cash flow. You also face an increasingly complex and rapidly changing regulatory environment, in which changes to accounting guidance can impact business decision-making. And you need to anticipate the impact of key business decisions on your accounting and financial reporting.

Our Financial Accounting Advisory Services provides assistance on critical issues arising from changes in accounting standards and regulatory requirements, new business activities and Libya Tax Laws.

Additional Services

In addition to the above mentioned service Zalmat office offers complete all the producers of companies establishing for all of capital companies or persons starting from drafting contracts and registered in the governmental authorities as well as provides the Chamber of Commerce licenses, tax card and commercial registration and import and export cards.

Also, ZALMAT registries both of the employees’ contract of the companies in accordance with the labor law and insurance contracts as well as preparing the files of the employees.

The effective personal efficiency to dealing with all the public authorities for example as:-

  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Labor and Capacity Building.
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • General Authority for Investment
  • Audit Bureau
  • Tax Department
  • Social Security Fund